A unique depth and mix of experience and perspectives combined with a flexible approach to address your specific coaching and supervision needs. 

Business background:

As a coach I have been focused on leadership, executive and management development for the past 15 years with 4000 hours of client coaching. My prior business experience spans 25 years, including in high pressure roles with Goldman Sachs and SBC Warburg (UBS), and as Director of Strategy with a national telecoms provider, and then consultancy in venture funding.

In addition to my own coaching practice, I work regularly with the Executive Education faculty at London Business School and as an associate coach with several leading coaching firms.


My coaching style is supportive, positive, pragmatic and future-focused, tuning the level of challenge to suit each individual in the most productive way. You can read more about my approach, the coaching process and supervision approach by following the links.

My facilitation work with teams and groups is highly interactive and typically includes a mix of ‘right brain’ (vision, motivation, creativity, relationship) and ‘left brain’ (learning, planning, accountability, actions) aspects – all with bespoke design for your team’s context and objectives.

I believe strongly in every individual’s potential to ‘make a difference’, and how they and their teams can perform at much higher levels when they have greater clarity, confidence, communications skills, balance and motivation.

Professional coaching & Supervision:

As a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Association of Coaching Supervisors, I subscribe to their codes of professional practice and maintain regular 1:1 supervision myself, as well as mentor and peer co-coaching. I draw on a range of approaches and techniques as appropriate for each client and context. My qualifications include:

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), with the ICF
  • Certificate and Diploma in Coaching (Coaching Development)
  • various certificates and accreditations in NLP, Clean Language, Systemic and Relationship Coaching, Transactional Analysis
  • Diploma in Coaching Supervision (Coaching Development – accreditation not yet completed)
  • Accredited user of Hogan Inventories and NEO PI-R

Examples of clients:

I have worked with senior leaders, entrepreneurs, talent and teams across a broad range of business sectors, with some example organisations including:

  • AirLiquide, AngloAmerican, Arup, Ascent, Astra Zeneca, BNP Paribas, British Land, CrowdMobile, EBRD, The Environment Agency, EY, The Guardian, Johnson Matthey, Kingfisher, LGIM, Pictet Asset Management, Prudential, Refinitiv, Rothschild, Salesforce, SSE, Standard Chartered, Unilever

I also work with a range of individuals directly, usually around personal balance, confidence and direction, including ‘retirement’ identity.

And some comments from clients:

“Adrian has been that rare thing, a coach of obvious, immediate and long-term value. Challenging, he has a real knack of making you work through the logic and reasons behind behaviour. Extremely likeable, I would unhesitatingly recommend him both to individuals and organisations.”
– Director, International Communications Agency

“Many thanks for our meetings which I find incredibly helpful.  I feel much clearer in my mind.  You really are very skillful in helping  me to drill down into my thoughts /views and in challenging my perspectives and positions.  I think going through this process really does help me find clarity and the ability to make decisions. ”
– COO, Global Corporate

“I found Adrian’s coaching really useful and helpful. I now have much more informed thoughts on how I do what I do, what I’ve got that I can use. Do I limit myself? Not anymore. A huge step up from 6 months ago.”
– Senior Finance executive, Global Corporate

“Gave me the tools to be able to get up in front of a room full of investors and speak with confidence – something I never thought I would be able to do”
– CEO, Engineering firm

“Adrian did a fantastic job yesterday. Given that we went into the day with high expectations, we walked away feeling we made real progress and achieved what we set out to do. It was hard work, but Adrian did an excellent job in ensuring that we kept to the schedule and the objectives. This I feel has helped to improve the team’s motivation significantly which should set us up for all the work ahead of us!”
– Executive & Team leader, Financial Services

“It’s been great working with you – I really appreciate your warmth, encouragement and skill as a coach – I found your skill in working with my metaphors very helpful and gained some valuable insights from this. Thank you”
– Human Resources executive

“As an entrepreneur, the biggest challenges I face are mental blocks which can be both costly and frustrating. I have found Adrian’s assistance in this area invaluable in enabling me to work effectively through these periods – and to produce some of my best work”
– Software Entrepreneur


I first met my partner Deborah when reading Biochemistry at Oxford, and we are very lucky to have three wonderful sons now launched on their own careers. I have always enjoyed learning, science, business and current affairs, history, a wide range of music, cricket and, more recently, tennis.

"the coaching process is one of the most effective ways to build the qualities and actions needed to move forward and achieve results"

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