My work with clients supports and challenges the individual or team as they develop their own choices and identify actions necessary for effective change. I aim to create the best conditions for that and help them develop resources and capability to deal with uncertainty or resistance to that change.

I believe a co-active approach to coaching is most effective, involving the ‘active and collaborative participation of both client and coach’ in setting and working towards clear objectives and making change happen. This involves three critical factors:

– that coaching is a relationship of trust – confidential of course – essential to provide safe conditions for change and success;

– learning and development (including ideas, tools and techniques) is much more effective when specific to context and the client understands on their own terms the need for change*;

– coaching is a future-oriented process which benefits from clear objectives, specific to each client, whilst remaining flexible to new information and experience.

Through listening, reflecting, challenging and questioning in an impartial and exploratory way, we’ll explore together what’s important, notice what works for each individual and what gets in the way, and what options there may be to perform more effectively in business and life.

* Working as a coach in a business context with commercial objectives, there may be times when it can pragmatic to share skills, ideas and experience which are directly helpful to the client. I will ‘contract’ with each client for this more mentor-like role if it seems the most effective way to make progress towards the agreed objectives.

"listening, reflecting, challenging and questioning in an impartial and exploratory way, coaching helps clarify what’s important and develop options to perform even more effectively"

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