Coaching presence

As a coaching supervisor..

I am a Qualified Coaching Supervisor with the Association of Coaching Supervisors. My style is reassuring and encouraging, providing a safe space to support your reflection and learning through a collaborative dialogue. Understanding who you are as a human-being helps to discover how you work at your best – and what you might need to pay attention to. It helps to develop your practice and identity, along with your capacity, resourcefulness and resilience as a coach.

My approach reflects my core training as a coach and supervisor which is founded in a ‘person-centred’ philosophy and includes additional experience in Clean Language, Transactional Analysis as well as various systemic approaches.

I aim to tune my level of challenge to suit you in the most productive way, depending on your experience as a coach, your confidence and your objectives, including stages of accreditation.

Our reflective dialogue is likely to include raising awareness of your strengths as a coach, and the personal, parallel and ‘systemic’ patterns you might bring to your client work. We may also look to bring rigour to your understanding of coaching competencies and skills, processes and models, and collaboratively explore potential options in specific client work. And we can explore wider contexts, stakeholder perspectives, systems & contracting issues.

I work 1:1 and at present it is all virtual work. I have 4000 hours of practical coaching experience, have encountered numerous challenges and pitfalls, worked with a wide range of client types and levels of seniority, and I use an eclectic selection of coaching approaches, appropriate to the context I’m working in. I aim to share this experience in helping you to harvest your learning from challenging situations and deal with dilemmas and doubts you may be facing.