Coaching can also be helpful for executives who want to reconsider their career direction, are thinking about retirement, or who might have lost confidence in themselves.

If you’re interested in career change, together we can explore the strengths you may be overlooking, identify aspects to build, explore your values and what’s really important, plus any family and community aspects which you want to consider. We can then aim to re-align your unique qualities, energies and resources with options for what could happen next in your career.

Retirement can bring a specific transition challenge to ‘identity’, ie losing a long-held title and position of authority at work, plus the responsibilities and support that came with that. Stopping work can bring long desired freedom and leisure – and also sometimes (often a little delayed) a loss of purpose, structure and that identity which gave pride and confidence, leading to a sense of deflation, even boredom and loneliness, and loss of self-esteem. Coaching for this transition will likely focus on exploring various elements of identity – personal, family, community – and finding a new balance for the future. You can read more about this here.

Perhaps you are experiencing a sense of ‘failure’ or fear which can arise from a multitude of causes: redundancy, under-performing or missing a promotion, poor relationships at work or home… The emotional and mental reactions to challenges like these can include loss of confidence, stress, disillusionment, confusion, apathy and sometimes shock and anger. This is natural – but it can be hard to talk about the emotional impact – and harder to know someone to talk with.

My coaching recognises and respects your emotional realities and, in a supportive and confidential relationship, allows you to express them and explore the beliefs and patterns behind them. It will help you notice and build on positive resources as well, consider your options in a safe space and focus on ways forward that fit in with your values, your sources of energy, and help to rebuild your confidence and purpose.

The ‘package’ for private coaching is flexible and individually agreed, although we would recommend at least four hours of work, either face-to-face or on the phone. The agenda for the coaching will be entirely yours, both in terms of the overall aim and specific issues you’d like to focus on.

We share a few more thoughts on ‘mid-life crisis’ on our blog, here, and you can combine coaching with a day in beautiful countryside, see here.

It may be that you are suffering from more acute depression, grief or anxiety in which case I would encourage you to talk to a counsellor or therapist better qualified to support you through that.

"coaching helps rebuild confidence and develop options if you've lost direction, had setbacks or find yourself in a 'mid-life crisis'"

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