We’re all doomed. Happy Xmas!

A terrible economic recession (depression?) seems inevitable over the next few years as Western economies crumble under the burden of unsustainable debt, and the rest of the world catches the cold of falling trade and GDP.

The emperor’s clothes of ever-increasing ‘leverage’ over recent decades will be seen for what they are: an illusion of riches and consumerism, inflated asset values and personal and government spending powers utterly divorced from intrinsic wealth.

Big bubble

In other words, the biggest bubble ever. There’s nothing we as individuals can do about all of that: ‘austerity’ will be with us perhaps for many years.

But we will prevail. There is everything we can do about ourselves, our choices and how we connect with the abundance of human creativity, hope and love.

Currency, borrowing and GDP may be seen as the arbitrary constructs of a system that works most of the time to provide structure and mechanism for an organised society to function: enabling trade, sufficiency and employment.

Old and young hands

But as they temporarily fail us, what we may rediscover underneath is a more durable and fundamental aspect of humanity and community.

Consider for a moment: there is so much we can be thankful for if we pay more attention – family, community and friendship, memories, creativity and innovation, discourse and enlightenment, organisational achievement, the limitlessness of the Universe and, most powerful of all, love. And most of us are lucky enough to live in safety, peace and a good environment.

Coloured hands

We could choose to focus on the economic gloom and erosion of material wealth – and yes, there are people suffering in this world.

And we can also choose to focus our attention on the relationships which don’t need cash to make life meaningful and happy.

With thanks for your friendship and very best wishes for a happy and loving Christmas holiday and a New Year full of choices.