Last week I enjoyed an excellent lunch with an old school friend. We hadn’t met in over 30 years and it was amazing how quickly and easily we were able to share memories, journeys and hopes. The previous week I’d met up with another group of old business colleagues at a reunion dinner and a similar thing happened. How good it is to reconnect with old friends.

And it got me thinking about what’s happening there – we’re not just connecting with those people but also with something of ourselves, from many years ago. There’s a risk that this can take you back to a ‘memory lane’ you’d rather not go down, but mostly it is a welcome reminder and reintegration of the experiences and resources which have got you to where you are now – and which can help to move you further forward.

We’re also reconnecting with places and environments – the context of your life and work may now be different but there’s a constancy in your ‘mental maps’ from those older places. The juxtaposition can allow new perspectives and nuances of understanding around today’s world to emerge – great for problem solving.

Sometimes we can put ourselves in a new space to help us reconnect with our courage and passion – if some of that’s gone missing and we need it to take on new challenges. That space can be virtual, created for example in a coaching relationship, or a physical change of scenery, or a retreat (like the award-winning Witherden’s Hall).

Reconnection isn’t always comfortable. There’s a balance between the fear of discomfort and the risk of not connecting – what opportunities might be lost – business, knowledge, friendship? Will you sidestep the challenge?

And what determines success? Rather than disappointing with ‘premature expectation’, perhaps we can let what wants to happen, happen. And be prepared to take any opportunities which arise.

Can we put a value on all that’s possible through reconnection? Not really. But I do know that being accepted by others – being worthy of connection – is such a core human need, that it’s hugely powerful, and priceless. And that works both ways.

Go on. Reconnect. You might find resourceful parts of yourself, new ideas from old places, courage, self-worth and opportunities. All pretty useful, whatever business or other challenges you’re taking on.