One-to-one coaching packages for leaders, senior executives, directors, partners and rising talent in commercial organisations.

This supports individuals who are developing their leadership capabilities or are on the cusp of the most senior leadership roles, who want new levels of performance, to achieve promotion or stretch themselves out of their ‘comfort zones’.

They are likely to have new responsibilities and challenges and are conscious of the need to perform to their full potential. They may well be struggling with some of the ‘ambiguity’ around leadership – what feels like ‘losing control’ of the detail – becoming more strategic, developing vision and prioritising time and resources, and moving on from being a well-respected subject matter expert to be a leader with presence and authenticity.

Coaching supports executives as they build confidence and develop skills and understanding to achieve their goals. It requires trust, challenge, learning and behavioural change. Although some shifts can happen quickly, it takes time to embed and broaden the change in a way that is both comfortable and sustainable for the executive and also ‘works’ for the ‘systems’ they are a part of (management colleagues, clients, staff, family).

Some examples:

Over 6 months: Director in a large Financial Services firm. Outcome: a higher profile, more effective working relationship with CEO and peers, clearer decision-making and better team motivation
Over 6 months: New Head of Marketing in a multinational firm. Outcome: greater confidence as a leader, more impact with key stakeholders, effective workload management and strategic planning, and managing team resources to full potential.
Over 4 months: Commercial Director, CEO-elect, of a publishing business. Outcome: realistic addressing of the challenges and opportunities of leadership, greater clarity of vision and values, confidence and better communication skills, a wider business perspective and more effective workload management
Over 8 months: Senior manager at a global corporation. Outcome: much greater confidence and awareness around management and leadership, focus and effectiveness in communication, and influencing with impact at the very top levels of the organisation.


"becoming more strategic, developing vision and prioritising time and resources, to be a leader with presence and authenticity"

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